We offer our students an integrated program in language arts, awareness of the world and other cultures, music, art, physical skills and pre-reading readiness that is balanced between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Our goal is to help your child reach his or her potential physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually in an atmosphere of love, security, acceptance and success.

Our Facility

We have four large, bright classrooms plus a napping room for our children.  These classes are divided according to age, with the youngest children having the smallest class size. Class size ranges from 12 to 20 students. Staff to child ratios are usually 1:6 (2 year olds), 1:9 (3-4 year olds), 1:12 (4-5 year olds), with a teacher and an aide in each classroom.

Our beautiful playground is spacious, grassy and naturally shaded by large trees.  It includes an ample sandbox, swings, an area for riding tricycles, and a modern play structure designed specifically for preschool-age children.  We also have a large, covered lanai for rainy day activities and special programs.